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More hints for 3D Face Detection Camera in iPhone 8


In the last few weeks, the iPhone 8 is about the placement of the Touch ID sensor or the start of mass production. We have heard relatively little about the iPhone 8's cameras. It is very certain that the front camera will become a 3D camera and that the dual camera lens on the backside is vertically positioned. There has also been talk of face detection in the iPhone 8 and today there are more hints that point that way.

IPhone 8 Face Recognition from LG Innotek

Sources in the production chain report that the iPhone 8 has a front camera that allows face detection. This allows the iPhone 8 to see through the front camera what the device holds and in this way also unlock the iPhone. The camera module for this face detection would be provided by LG Innotek. LG Innotek is now also responsible for the dual camera lens on the iPhone 7 Plus.

A new location would be opened where LG Innotek will make this camera module for the iPhone 8. Apple would have concluded the deal with the producer last year. The total order would have a value of about $ 177 million. The sources claim that the 3D camera can be used for 'biometric authentication' and for games. The advantage of the 3D camera is that these faces recognize a lot better than a standard 2D camera, as used for face recognition in the Samsung Galaxy S8. The face protection protection in the iPhone 8 would therefore be much better.

The rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 are now becoming more and more in place. Earlier today it appeared that the production of the A11 chip at TSMC has started. Yesterday, iPhone 8 renders also appeared based on images from production. On top of that, the dual front camera was also visually combined with a full screen, but if this eventually turns out to be the case, we'll see in September if the iPhone 8 is likely to be announced.