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Lame man got 'thanks to Apple' his independence

Todd and Karen Stabelfeldt
Todd and Karen Stabelfeldt

Home automation for smart lighting, curtains and door locks often focuses on users who are looking for simplicity. But for a certain group of people, these are not just extra features, but it's a bitter necessity. It gives them more quality of life, independence and dignity. So also for Todd Stabelfeldt, who is completely paralyzed from his shoulders. News Channel NBC made an intriguing report about its daily life with Apple's HomeKit.

Independent thanks to HomeKit

The 38-year-old Stabelfeldt has been paralyzed since his eighth and moves in a wheelchair. He does not want to be dependent on his wife. He emphatically does not see her as a mantle sorcerer and wants to be independent as much as possible. In this, Apple's HomeKit plays an important role for him. Due to his paralysis he is unable to operate buttons, open doors or close curtains. Thanks to HomeKit, he serves all the components in his home from his wheelchair.

Switch control and Siri

In that, Siri plays an important role for him. “I'm using speech recognition on my iPhone almost all day,” he told NBC. He not only controls his home, but can also handle his iPhone properly. Say to yourself as well as someone who has just working hands and fingers. To do this, he uses switch control, a built-in accessibility feature in iOS. This will allow actions such as tapping, typing and selecting coupled to external Bluetooth switches that can be operated with body parts that still function, such as the mouth.

Game changer

For Stabelfeldt, this technology is a game changer. He never thought he would be able to fall in love or get married. “You can be who you want to be. This technology enables you to be yourself in your own story. And that's really great, “Todd said. He monitors the security of his house, allows for parcel delivery or opening doors and closing them again. According to his wife Karen, technology has changed the way Todd works and functions 'completely'.

More possibilities

HomeKit and Apple's Home app are not yet able to operate all home accessories. Stabelfeldt hopes that there will change in time. “HomeKit and switching service have given me much value and many opportunities to show that I'm a man of qualities and integrity,” he says. “Get up and work daily: everyone is valuable and everyone should be able to show that.”

The full interview, including a video about Todd Stabelfeldt and his wife Karen, can be found on the NBC News website. The video shows how Todd Hé, Siri uses, opens his garage door and does more with Siri and HomeKit.