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How To Earn Your Money With Instagram: 25 Tips For Your Account

Do you like to share your photos with the rest of the world? Would you like to earn an extra pocket? Then create an Instagram account.

an exaplee
an exaplee

With Instagram, you can easily create the most beautiful photos and then share them with the rest of the world through your Instagram account. Throughout the world, Instagram has 600 million active users each month, of which 300 million daily users. Anyway, hey?

In principle, you can follow anyone with an Instagram account and anyone can follow you too. This also applies to likes and reactions. Through these followers, likes and reactions you can eventually earn money.

Do you think that only known people get a lot of followers and likes on Instagram? You are wrong! If you know the correct rules of the game, you can also create a profitable account. I'm going to tell you how.

Why do you want to earn Instagram?

an example
an example

Making money with Instagram is something for you if you like to make and edit the most beautiful photos daily and share them online. Daily? Yep! Consistancy is key to Instagram.

Also make sure that you occasionally see yourself on your Instagram feed and not just have pictures of, for example, your pet. By self-image, those who view your photo can bind you much better. So put yourself in the spotlight.

If your main goal is to earn money with your account, be aware that Instagram is a daily activity and you do not want camera fear. Also, it may take a while to build a good Instagram rear suspension. Do not expect to earn a lot of money on the other day.

So do not focus on earning Instagram if you do not like photography and online visibility.

How do you get many followers, likes, and comments on Instagram?

But how do you get lots of followers, likes, and comments so you can earn money with Instagram? Instagram is now full of gift accounts. To get out of here, make sure you notice your account.

Choose your own Instagram niche

an example
an example

Example: Do you see as a digital nomad a lot of the world and make the most beautiful photos during your travels? Try to try your own stamp on these images. Get familiar with the fact that you put your laptop in the most crazy locations on the picture, just place travel photos with a particular filter, just make selfies with animals you come across abroad, or place pictures of the locals

There are many possibilities. So choose a theme within your subject and clearly show your own style. For example, use the same filter for each photo for a beautiful unit. Although Instagram has nice own filters, you can also use other apps like VSCO Cam.

It's important that you think about your niche carefully and that you know what you post. That way, followers know what they're up to and what they can expect from your account.

Also make sure you like your own theme. You do not want to be busy taking photographs of things that you do not really like at all.

Research has shown that an Instagram account focuses on one theme, generally gets faster and more followers and likes. Are not you sure what your niche is, or do you have multiple themes that you think they can do well on Instagram? You can of course create multiple accounts: a personal account, one where you place your animal items and one with your beautiful laptop-location photos.

Popular subjects are fashion, food, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Consider the Instagram algorithm

I'll repeat it again: consistancy is key to Instagram. Especially in the beginning, if you are busy building a loyal backbone, it's important that you do something online every day. Plan for example 1 day a week on which you shoot all your photos. Plans are important. This way you can work structured and have more rest in your mind because you do not have to make and edit a picture for Instagram daily.

Last year, Instagram introduced a new algorithm, which means that posts do not appear chronologically more in timelines, and so your followers may not see all your messages. They see the messages in their timeline of the accounts where they interact most. In order to be seen and attacked by your followers, it is best to place a couple of hours in the Instagram three times a day. Do not get it 3x a day, make sure you place a minimum of 1x a day, get it 3x a day, make sure you do not put much more.

Was it important to change the algorithm that you had a lot of followers to earn money, now the reactions and likes have become more important. You now have a lot more to a account with a few thousand followers where the engagement is high, than an account with 10,000 followers and zero engagement. So do not put money in buying followers, but spend time socializing with your followers.

Create a connection with your Instagram followers

Socialize on Instagram. Of course it's not a social network.

Follow accounts that inspire you or treat the same topics. Post comments or questions below posts to increase your visibility.

Do not do this 20x a day. You want other accounts to follow you back and not ignore because you're annoying

Also, respond to the comments people place under your own posts. That likes people.

Provide interaction, for example, by asking a question or telling a nice story. You can write a piece of text in the caption of your image. For example, tell your followers why you made this photo, where it was created, or tell an anecdote that fits the image. Engage your followers with your post. This way you increase the interaction (likes, comments) and appear faster in your followers' timeline.

Use tags and hashtags on Instagram

Make use of tags and hashtags. For example, take accounts in your image that have the same audience. Or take a company of which you wear the clothes. Or use the geotag if you are in a particular location.

Yes, okay, many hashtags under a message may not be so cool or beautiful, but people really search for hashtags and then come to you. Use only hashtags that actually fit your image. #beautyful shoes under a picture of a sandwich, that's not true of course. You can use apps like TagsForLikes or Hashtagify to see which hashtags are popular for your image.

Also check which hashtags your competitor uses or which companies you want to work with. Use the same hash tags so that you get into these visions and get more visibility.

In short:

Poeh, that's a lot of information. I'll put you in a line:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Stick to your theme so that you create a beautiful whole
  3. Post daily
  4. Post with your followers in your mind
  5. Also place your own face on your account, which makes it easier for people to commit themselves to you
  6. Quality of the pictures is very important. People want to see beautiful pictures
  7. Use tags and hashtags
  8. Socialize

How to earn money with sponsors on Instagram

an exemplee
an exemplee

Have you created a nice account and are you happy with the number of followers, likes, and comments? Then you can earn money now.

Being approached by companies

Companies can approach you to promote certain products and services for them. You can also approach these companies yourself. How many followers, likes, and comments on your posts you need for it depends on different factors. Think about the subject of your account or the number of likes compared to the number of followers you have. Assume that a few thousand followers will help to make it easier for a sponsor to join.

Make sure companies can approach you for a deal. Instagram gives you the space to tell something about yourself or your account in your profile (bio). This is also the only option Instagram offers you to refer to a website if you have one. Do not forget to put your contact information down here.

If you are approached, you can expect both a fee in the form of money or goods. The more followers, likes and reactions you have, the more often you get your money as a fee and you can ask for higher amounts.

Approaching businesses themselves

If you are not approached by companies, but if you have a faithful backdrop on Instagram, you can always choose to contact companies themselves. Keep in mind that it's important that the company actually fits your account and followers, otherwise the interaction with your sponsored mail will be low. Also, make sure that your followers often match or respond to your posts. For example, you can suggest a company to promote their product in return for $ 0.25 per match and $ 1 per response. There are no rules about the amounts you can ask for. It all depends on your number of followers, likes and reactions. Negotiation!

Make sure not every message you post is sponsored. And make sure you're behind your sponsored message. You do not want to tell your followers no nonsense or muddle bad products. If you do this, this may be at the expense of your number of followers and likes. So keep your followers in mind when you close a sponsorship deal. In addition, be transparent and say when a message is sponsored.

How do you earn money with your Instagram photos?

Do you make the most beautiful pictures of good quality? These can also be sold on stock photo websites. Your photos can then be used by companies for example. Take a look at websites like Twenty20, Mobile Prints or Foab for the possibilities.

How do you earn money with affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Affiliate Marketing gives you a fee for promoting products or services for businesses. By signing in to an affiliate network you will get access to affiliate links (Daisycon). An affiliate network is, as it were, an intermediary and ensures that you get paid when someone clicks your link. This link places you in Instagram on your bio. I advise you to use the Bitly to make the link a shortened URL so that your link does not look spammy.

Example: You have an Instagram account about yoga. You can then put a photo with a yogamat that you use and you are very satisfied with. In the description you describe the benefits of this mat and say that the link to buy it in your bio is. The affiliate link places you in your bio, which people can click on. You will then receive a fee for anyone who buys a yogamat via your link.

Importantly, you do not place affiliate links continuously because your followers do not like this. Also place an affiliate link only if you are completely behind the product. You do not want to sell your loyal follower, whatever you would not buy. Then you lose guaranteed followers.

How do you earn money from your website, products or services at Instagram?

an example
an example

If you have a good Instagram account, you can also choose to market your own products or to link a blog to your Instagram account. You can also promote your own website through Instagram.

Example 1: You have an Instagram account about science fiction books. On your website you can publish a blog about your favorite books. Then you place an image of yourself on Instagram on which you are reading a book. In the description you say you have made a list of your favorite books and you would like to share this with your followers. Tell them that they can click on your link in your bio to read your blog. This way they will be on your website. For example, in the article on your website you can find affiliate links that people can click on, making you money.

Example 2: You are a personal trainer and you have an Instagram account about fitness. You put a picture of your sixpack with the text below: Do you want a sixpack? I can help you with my training schedule. Click on the link in my bio to make an appointment / for the video training (just what you want).

You can ask your followers to click on the link in your bio to read a particular article, to purchase your product / service, or to subscribe to your newsletter. Do not promote your own products or website time after time. Your followers do not want to be thrown into it, believe me.

Creating a well-running Instagram account to earn money takes time and energy, but it is certainly not impossible.

Do you have more tips on earning with Instagram? Let me know in a comment.